"The symbolism of Elena Vijoli's works' expresses itself through the contrast between a precise, minimal economy of the sign and a continuos research on technique and matter, which is put into concrete form by the use of materials such as stone, glass, leather and different types of metals. Vijoli's minimal sign and material ... read more

Paolo Cappelletti / Alien Garden

"Elena Vijoli's use of matter is meant by the artist to translate her visions into images of passions and glancing encounters, unexpected getaways, and meditations on time. The art of Vijoli reveals through a bare, essential painting her need to go beyond matter in order to grasp the essence of things, digging deeply into the nucleus of the endless cells that compose the world."

Daniela Ambrosio (Flash Art Magazine)

The portable painting is now in Tassenmuseum Amsterdam!

From 2016 the portable painting named "Dentro la memoria / Inside the memory" is part of the permanent collection of Tassenmuseum in Amsterdam.